Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo

​Mr Pink is design to give the maximum amount of subs for a scratch-free wash on any surface.  Mr Pink is pH neutral which means a car or truck can be washed anytime of the day... Mr Pink is design with an unique formula that is extra slick and perfect for shampoo detail work.   

Windshield Protection

​Learn about the NanoTech Coatings Hydrophobic Glass Coating that we use for our windshield protection. 

Fabric and Leather Coating 

​Learn about the Cquartz product!  This is one that we are very excited to bring to our customer.  The coating of cQuartz will allow you to protect your textile and leather from dirt and stains, long lasting super hydrophobic, resist caustics detergents and high pH cleaners. 

Automotive Carpet Cleaning System

For years now, Mytee has been highly recognized in regard to their detailing extractors withing the automotive industry.   This system is the one we use exclusively when doing carpet cleaning.   This system heat automatically heat the water, which allows you to quickly break up grease and dirt, perfect for both spotting and  small detailing jobs.  

CR Spotless De-Ionizing Spotless Water System

​CR Spotless Water Systems are portable de-ionization units that proce clean ultra-purified water for washing you car, motorcycle, or truck.  Water purified by the CR Spotless system contains no minerals and therefore leaves no water spots!   

Waxes and Sealants what's the difference?

​Learn about the differences between using wax and polymeter sealants.   In Splash Mobile Auto Detailing we offer both system and you can choose which one is better for your car, or we can always make a recommendation.   

Headlights Restoration 

​Learn about how we can restore your headlights bringing back the life to your headlights.   The headlight restoration kit we use allow us to safely restore the shine and clarity of your headlight.  

Learn about the Products we use, only the best for our customers.